Ultra-light Cordless Vacuum Launches by Xiaomi Just $80

Ultra-light Cordless Vacuum Launches by Xiaomi Just $80. Xiaomi’s offshoot Mijia, known for its eco-friendly home appliances, launched a toned-down and very cheap model of its cordless vacuum cleaner earlier today.

The cordless vacuum weighs only 1.2 kg, and like every Mijia product, it comes with a minimalistic design. According to the Xiaomi company, the device is constructed using light yet durable materials.

The ultra-light Mijia Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Lite is powered by a compact yet high-speed brushless motor that has a suction power of up to 17kPa. Thanks to its high speed, the motor provides a continuous and strong suction power that can be employed on two different levels. The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a triple high-efficiency filter. Hence, it filters the air passing through it for allergens.

Once fully charged, the vacuum can run continuously for 45 minutes, which means it is ideal for covering a medium-sized house in one go. Moreover, due to it being lightweight, it can easily be used to clean and remove dust from high places.

Furthermore, the device has an electric bristled floor brush on the front, which works through an independent motor drive. This brush is designed to remove fine dust particles from floor tiles and other areas as well. Its suction nozzle is flat, which helps in removing lint from different surfaces as well.

The device is currently available for sale in China at a retail price of $79.

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