How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Stairs

Best Vacuum For Stairs

Which is the best vacuum for stairs?

This question is almost always asked by those who are thinking about purchasing a vacuum. Stairs in homes often include areas where there is very little room for other larger and more powerful vacuums.

Smaller ones may need to be used in conjunction with the stair cleaner, which has a motor that pushes or pulls a small carpeting brush through the carpet. The best vacuum for stairs is usually one that is easy to handle and maneuver.

The Dyson Animal is an excellent choice. The best vacuum for stairs we have tested is the Dyson V8 Animal collection. This cordless, lightweight model is easy to carry and handle, making it simple to lift and move.

It comes with a variety of additional accessories and tools, including a rotating turbo brush and a 180-degree long extension tool, and is quick to convert into a bagless configuration to handle the mess in tight spaces.

Bagless units are becoming increasingly popular because they are less expensive than their other counterparts. In addition, the Dyson Animal offers excellent customer service and a warranty, making it a great choice for both the home user and the commercial cleaner.

However, many people are still concerned about the number of recurring costs associated with the Dyson Animal collection. Can a bagless unit offer the same cleaning power as a bagged one?

One concern that many people have related to the possibility of bacteria being present on the stairs. If so, it is unlikely that a bagless stair cleaner would eliminate this concern. Many of these cleaners are equipped to remove dust and dirt from stairs; however, bacteria may be present.

Many bacteria do not survive the disinfection process that occurs in a bagless unit, so a vacuum designed to remove dirt on stairs would not be affected. For this reason, it is best to focus your attention only on models that come with a bagless option.

Some of the benefits associated with a bagless unit relate to the fact that there are no recurring costs related to the purchase. Since the unit itself is not reassembled after use, all materials are sold in one lump sum and the customer is required to pay for it once it is purchased.

The amount of money saved can vary significantly depending on the size and type of vacuum selected. For homeowners with stairs that are covered by a carpet or wood base, there are typically only a few dollars saved per year. Those with bare concrete or wooden stairs may save more but will need to replace the unit more frequently.

best vacuum for stairs
Best-Vacuum-For-Stairs – Dyson V8

One additional benefit associated with the bagless variety of handheld vacuum is that there are no recurring costs associated with replacement filters. This includes a filter for the vacuum head as well as brushes, belts, motors and other components.

A vacuum designed for stairs is not going to be as efficient if it requires the user to purchase new filters on a regular basis, but many find the cost savings to be worth it.

Once you have determined that the best model for stairs is the living home, there are a few other things to consider. The most important factor is to focus on the overall performance of the unit.

When using a vacuum designed for hardwood floors or tile floors, make sure to pay close attention to the quality of the HEPA filter. The best models will feature a filter that is built into the vacuum head and has an excellent overall quality rating.

Another feature to look for when purchasing a vacuum designed for stairs is whether or not the tool is corded or cordless.

A quality handheld vacuum will come with a cord that is strong enough to handle the job, but it should also feature a rechargeable battery in place of a power cord.

In addition to the battery life, the ability to recharge quickly is also a very important feature to look for. One of the reasons a stairlift can get dirty is simply too much moisture, so the battery will need to be recharged regularly.

If your model comes with a rechargeable battery and it works well, then you should consider that option when looking at the best models for stairs.


Is Dyson V8 worth it?

The Dyson V8 Complete cordless vacuum offers a decent balance of cleaning power and battery life for a fairly inexpensive price.

What is difference between Dyson V8 absolute and V8 animal?

The key difference between these two models is the fact that Dyson V8 Absolute comes with a Straight Drive cleaner head and Soft Roller cleaner head, while Dyson V8 Animal comes with only a Straight Drive cleaner head

Can I use Dyson V8 animal on hard floors?

Yes, you can use a Dyson V8 on almost on any surface, from hardwood floors, to carpet, or tile floors.

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