5 Best Gaming Console 2020- For Buyer’s Guide

5 Best Gaming Console 2020.So, you’re finally thinking of buying a video game console but first thing is very impotent that you want to know what the best gaming console is. If you’ve done any preliminary research, then you’ll know that, while there are only a few major players in this market, it’s actually pretty difficult to make a choice.

5 Best Gaming Consoles – Quick Ranking:

s# Name Uses
1 Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Best Overall
2 Xbox One S Best Gaming Console for Multimedia
3 Nintendo Switch Best Hybrid Gaming Console
4  Nintendo Switch Lite Best for Portable Play
5  Asus ROG Phone 2 Best Android Gaming Device

1. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – Best Overall $379.95

The PS4 Pro’s design is derivative of the standard PS4 that preceded it, though we wouldn’t say that it’s an exact copy. Actually, a common running joke about the PlayStation 4 Pro is that it looks like 2 PS4s stacked one on top of each other. As a result, the PS4 Pro takes up way more space than its predecessor.

Sony also did a bit of work on the interior. The 8 Jaguar cores of the AMD processor are now clocked at 2.1GHz instead of 1.6GHz. RAM capacity remains the same with 8GB of GDDR5 but it is now running up to 218GB/s against 176GB/s for the standard PS4.

  • Small compared to its predecessor
  • Great HDR and 4K streaming
  • Great price point
  • 4K gaming capability limited
  • Can’t connect to Kinect without an adapter

2. Xbox One S – The Best Gaming Console for Multimedia  $364.95

The Xbox One S is a feat of engineering that wows anyone who decides to give it a try. It manages to put a powerful power supply and a 2TB hard drive in a chassis that’s at most 40% as large as its predecessor, the Xbox One.

The only sad part is that we may never know just how Microsoft did it. It probably has a lot to do with rearranging the parts on the inside and making for better airflow so the entire console is more densely packed but also more efficiently cooled. It might also include employing Santa’s elves, and a bit of magic.

  • Small compared to its predecessor
  • Great HDR and 4K streaming
  • Great price point
  • 4K gaming capability limited
  • Can’t connect to Kinect without an adapt

3. Nintendo Switch – Best Hybrid Gaming Console  $359.95

Take a look at the Nintendo Switch and you’ll realize it’s trying to do many things at the same time. Nintendo is trying to do something unique, much like they have done before. After all, these are the same guys that brought us 3D without 3D glasses on the Nintendo 3DS, motion controlled gaming on the Wii, and now a hybrid console on the Switch.

When you buy the Nintendo Switch package, you’ll find following things :

  • a console
  • Two Joy-Con controllers that are detachable
  • A grip that enables you to combine them into a single game pad for play on the TV
  • Two straps for turning the Joy-Cons into individual controllers
  • A dock which you can use to connect your console to the television for traditional game play.
  • Great hybrid design
  • Controllers are very dynamic and easy to use
  • Handheld console screen is very crisp with great resolution for handheld
  • Right analog stick has odd placement
  • No 4K resolution on TV
  • No VR

4. Nintendo Switch Lite – Best for Portable Play  $242.00

The main difference between the Switch Lite and its sibling, the Switch, is that the Switch Lite can only be played in handheld mode. You can’t dock it for use with the television. As a result, it is lighter and more compact than the Switch. It comes with a smaller screen, at 5.5 inches compared to the Switch’s 6.2-inch screen, but maintains the same 720p display.

Top Features:

  • Handheld Nintendo Switch gaming at a great price
  • For every member of your family, there’s a member of ours
  • Optimized for personal, handheld play, Nintendo Switch Lite is a small and light Nintendo Switch system
  • Features a sleek, unibody design with fully integrated controls and a built-in +Control Pad
  • Compatible with all physical and digital Nintendo Switch games that support Handheld mode

New & Used (17) from $242.00

  • Lighter and more compact compared to Switch
  • Lots of color variety
  • Easy to use
  • Great design
  • Can only be played in handheld mode
  • Does not come with Joy-Cons out of the box

5. ASUS ROG Phone 2 – Best Android Gaming Device $279.99

That’s right; this is a phone that’s also a gaming console. The value is in the specs, like the fact that the ROG 2 comes with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor. Ultimately, it can reach up to just shy of 3 GHz processing power, meaning this phone can play some games better than even some mid-level gaming rigs on a budget!

Top Features:

  • 6.6″ FHD+ AMOLED Display (2340×1080) 120Hz, 1ms response time with HDR
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus – Octa-core 2.96GHz for a great gaming phone experience
  • 12GB LPDDR4X RAM; 1TB Storage
  • Dual-camera with flagship Sony IMX586 sensor: 48MP + 13MP Wide-angle Cameras with 24MP front camera
  • Compatible with GSM Networks including AT&T, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, Walmart Family Mobile, MetroPCS, Simple Mobile, Brightspot, Net10, h20 Wireless, and Cricket Wireless. Not Compatible with CDMA Networks Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular. No VoLTE.
  • Can deliver better gaming experiences than many budget PCs
  • Has a good camera
  • Plenty of storage to hold multiple games at once
  • Very durable, and dissipates heat well
  • Works as a phone
  • Very pricey compared to other gaming platforms
  • Onboard gyroscope can be finicky

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